Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mosaic Table Top Tutorial

This is my first mosaic and a huge success in my opinion! Super easy! I was using this side table in the living room with a tablecloth on it because it didn't match anything. Now, my finished mosaic table lives on the porch where it holds flowers all spring, summer, and fall!

How to Create Your Own Mosaic Tabletop
1) Find an item you wish to cover. Nothing special about this side table...YET!

2) Find your china. I had bits of cups, tiles, sauces, mugs, and plates.

3) Break it up. I used a hammer and chisel to create pieces that were of similar size.

4) Make a stencil of the item you wish to cover and arrange your pieces (in my case, I used orange construction paper that was the same size as the table top).

5) Transfer your pieces to the table top.

6) Using grout (can be purchased at any home store), lift up each piece, apply a dab of grout, and replace onto the tabletop. Try to put an equal amount of grout on each piece so that the surface ends up fairly even. Don't worry about grout on the pieces--we'll clean them up later. Let set for a few hours.

7) Apply grout in-between the pieces to fill in the gaps. Let set for an hour or so.

8) Using a wet paper towel, rub your pieces to remove the grout on top of them.

9) Let it dry completely.

10) I painted the rim of my table white so that it would match. You could spray paint your item white before you begin this process, but I was impatient and it turned out just fine.
11) Spray with a tile and grout sealer (also available at home stores) to protect it from rain and weather. Enjoy!

And in case you need another idea of what to do with that broken cup, check out my Mom's idea. Brilliant...

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