About Me

I am a lover of family, dogs, sweets, and Jesus. I have a 2 year old daughter named Emma Penelope and a incredible husband who works very hard as a cardiology fellow.

My favorite things: thrift stores, Harry Potter (books or films), Jane Austen films, my miniature schnauzer Mr. Bennett, photography, butterflies, walking, and quilting.

My least favorite things: cigarette smoke, bugs that crunch when you squish them, snakes, and cleaning up vomit. Also orphans without homes, the poor without hope, and those who are desperately far from God.

I am passionate about being a witness for the Lord. I believe that God and heaven are real and that you need to know Jesus in order to be fulfilled and have peace (Ask me about this anytime!).

The Name: The blog is called The Purple Martin because Martin was my maiden name and I am a secret birdwatcher and lover. Purple martins are well-known for living in group homes instead of nests. My house is my home and all are welcome. There's room for more in this nest!

Christmas 2013