Thursday, January 2, 2014

2013 Recap!



Word of the year: Excess. I dedicated myself to purge, clean, use less and recycle more.
This cutie got cuter and cuter:

Downton Abbey season finale costume party at our house:

Mike and I vacationed in Florida which included this bucket list item--swimming with manatees:

Happy Easter!

Mike began an insane few months of work which included 2 days off in 34 days and then worked 21 days straight after that. It was a challenge for us all. This period lasted through August.
Had a potential miscarriage. Bled for 30 days but we never had a positive pregnancy test. Blessed be the name of the Lord.


Weekend to Remember marriage conference
Donated 200 items to Goodwill
Little punkin':


Road trip to Saint Louis for my cousin Nathan's wedding where we were able to introduce Emma to wonderful goodies like the Posh Nosh and Ted Drewes. Yum!

Two of my best friends announced they were pregnant
Scafuri bakery opened around the corner and our lives (and waistlines) will never be the same
Donated 400 items to Goodwill (goodbye excess!):


Started the second part of my Invisalign journey. I'll be done June 2014!
Bought a ukulele!

Got to hang with this sweet girl a lot (and really there are few things better than Chicago in the summertime):

Another 34 days work stretch for Mike


Road trip to Camp Barnabas with my sister and niece:

 I got to hang out with this cabin of special ladies for a week:

I was blessed to be a bridesmaid in my friend Debbie's wedding (and hang with sweet friends):


Begin potty training Emma (still working on that one)
VBS at Moody Church where the friendship between Emma and her BFF Kaja kept growing (while their mothers plotted to rule the kingdom as Lady Lin and Sir Wally!)!

Bought Emma a life jacket and she took off in the water this summer:

Helped Mom begin re-landscaping her front yard and pulled out several of these HORRIBLE roots.

 Eva (from my fabulous small group) got married!

We made it through Mike's busy work schedule. Praise the Lord!!
Last minute trip to Italy. We literally bought our tickets one week out. We visited Rome and Umbria--it was wonderful!

Emma graduated from the church nursery to her first real classroom setting
We celebrated Emma's second birthday with a chilly picnic at the beach! Some family from Taiwan was in town which made it even more fun!

Emma discovered how fun it is to dress up:


Trip to KY to visit precious friends!

I was blessed to take care of my friend Mary's service-dog-in-training for a few days to work with him on city living! He lay at my feet for several hours while we all cheered for my friend AMY who ran the Chicago marathon!

 Apple picking with small group friends:

Saw this picture of a deaf 9 year old in China and started researching adoption (I have more info on him if you're interested--he needs a family and unfortunately I am just not old enough. But I can be his advocate to find him a loving home where he can have a chance at a successful life and hearing about Jesus!).


Took a lindy hop swing dance class with my husband
Mike got an espresso machine (coolest new hobby ever!)
We went to Tampa (again) for Mike's co-worker Monal's wedding
More outside demo at my parent's house--tough boys against tough roots. The boys won:

 Emma got to meet and bond with her Great Grandmother who visited us from Taiwan for a month.

 Thanksgiving with both sides of my family (I love these people):

Realized that adoption from China under the age of 30 is impossible. But learned much about adoption and my heart strings are pulled!
Foxy lady baby number 4 was born: little Isaiah Schwartz (and you can see foxy lady baby number five still in his mommy's belly!):
Emma upgraded to a toddler bed and is loving it!

Another foxy lady baby was born: Tristan Hontz
I read 55 books this year including the Mark of the Lion series, Twilight series, Huger Games series and the Harry Potter series.
Cookie baking weekend extravaganza 2013 was a success (something like 15 kinds of cookies in three days).

Mike worked Christmas week but we make it work and have a lovely Christmas with the family. Gift highlights for me included: new slippers, a cast iron skillet, and rock climbing shoes! Emma got some amazing dress up costumes and 19 puzzles! Mike received some gadgets for his espresso machine! We celebrated Christ's birthday by exchanging gifts and pausing to reflect on the reality of Emmanuel--GOD WITH US. Wow!

2013 was sometimes tricky, full of travel, and also full of learning and growth! I am so excited about Mike's less stressful work schedule this next year and to see Emma continue to grow. I am ever thankful for my supportive husband and sweet-natured daughter. Truly there is MUCH to be thankful for! Blessings to you all in the new year!

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  1. After looking at many wonderful pictures, I decided the one of Emma holding the hands of her great grandmother was the most precious! Thanks for sharing your year with all of us! I move today to 15th and Morgan! I can't wait to catch up soon


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