Friday, February 24, 2012

Easy Table Runner Tutorial

Easy Table Runner Tutorial

Our dining room table (go Craigslist!) is too small for placemats at each setting, so I needed a table runner. I had been looking for fabric that I liked for a very long time, and when I saw this beauty at Jo-Ann I knew that I had found what my heart desired! Better still, it is indoor/outdoor fabric meaning that water just beads on top of it, making clean up a breeze. You could use two different fabrics to make this runner reversible, but I used the same on each side.
Step 1) Measure your table and decide the length that you'd like your table runner to be. Add 1" for seam allowance.

Step 2) Purchase fabric according to the length that you need. Since mine came on a 54" bolt, I decided to make my runner half that width and just had Jo-Ann cut the fabric to the length of my choice.

Step 3) Fold your fabric in half (right sides together) and pin around the three sides.

Step 4) Using a 1/2" seam allowance, sew around the three edges, leaving about 4 inches un-sewn to turn your fabric right-side-out.

Step 5) Draw your fabric through the open seam and push out the corners to make them crisp (I use a chopstick or pair of scissors).

Step 6) Iron your tablerunner.

Step 7) Whip stitch the pocket closed.
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  1. Thanks for this; I bought 2 fabrics for a simple runner (maybe 2, length and width) and this should be perfect to replace placemats on a small oval table.

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