Saturday, February 18, 2012

Christmas Ribbon Pillow Tutorial

Step 1) Grab some ribbon
Step 2) Cut 3 pieces of fabric. One square piece of fabric that is 1/4 inch larger on each side than you want your finished pillow to be. Then cut two rectangular pieces of fabric (one about 4 inches wider than the other to make an envelope for the back of the pillow.
Step 3) Arrange and pin the ribbon on the square piece of fabric. When you like the arrangement, sew down the center of each ribbon.Step 4) Place the three pieces of fabric, right sides together, and pin around the outside.Step 5) Sew 1/4" around the outside of the three pieces of fabric, turn inside out and stuff with a pillow form.

How festive is this pillow?! Here's my friend Kari's version (click here for her tutorial!)

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