Monday, February 20, 2012

Christmas Card Wreath Tutorial

It feels wrong to me to throw away Christmas cards. But I couldn't find any crafty projects that I really liked that incorporated them. So I took an idea and ran with it.

Christmas Cards
Tooth picks
Hot glue gun (or packing tape!)
Foam wreath
Wrapping paper
Red ribbon to hang with

Step 1) Make a holly leaf template out of paper (mine measures about 3" high and 1" long)
Step 2) Using your leaf template, cut out your Christmas cards (I aimed for mostly red and green to keep unity.) Don't forget to use the picture cards too (although some are directional, so keep this in mind as you prepare to stick them onto the toothpick). Not all of my leaves turned out perfectly, but it doesn't matter because the overall theme is what you are going for.
Step 3) Using hot glue, secure a leaf onto a toothpick. (I used packing tape for this step--works just as well)

Step 4) Trace the inside and outside of your foam wreath onto the wrong side of your wrapping paper of choice. Then add 1" to inside and outside circle for folding over the back of the wreath.
Step 5) Cut out your wrapping paper using your template.
Step 6) Use hot glue to secure the wrapping paper to the foam wreath
Step 7) Stab your toothpick leaves into the wreath, adding depth and layer as you go around.
Step 8) Add a piece of red ribbon to display your wreath!

You can add to this for years to come!
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