Friday, July 20, 2012

Brown and Blue Baby Bedding

I made my daughter Emma's baby bedding (see posts of that by clicking here), so when my cousin Cara asked me to make her baby's bedding, I thought I could do a decent job, so I agreed. After two days of chaos between the dining room table turned into a sewing explosion, and trying to keep my 10 month old from pushing the sewing machine pedal, here it is! I am pleased, Cara is pleased and OBVIOUSLY baby Campbell loves it too! I made the crib skirt, crib bumpers, a blanket, some burp cloths, a throw pillow, AND some stuffed animals (never tried making them before but I LOVE them)

Isn't this room just too classy?! I'll be writing some more posts about the individual pieces soon. Thanks for the opportunity to grow in my skills, Cara! Your baby is one lucky little man!

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