Monday, July 9, 2012

Necklace Display Frame Tutorial

Necklace Display Frame Tutorial

When I was in high school my necklaces were located in a box in a desk but they always got tangled, so I recently moved them to a side table, where they always looked messy (not to mention that my 9 month old wants to suck on these strings of goodness more than she desires life-sustaining sustenance!). Something had to change. 

I had my eyes peeled for a necklace display frame for many months, but couldn't find one for a reasonable price. So I decided to make my own, but I couldn't find a frame that I liked. However, while wandering through JoAnn last week I stumbled across a bin of frames that were "duds" from the custom framing department. Then I spotted a beauty. Great size, great color AND it was only $6. I grabbed me some 7/8" brass cup hooks for $3, twisted those suckers into the frame, and presto--instant necklace display frame. Best part to me is that it cost only $9 and it's one of a kind. Yes!

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