Saturday, July 21, 2012

Scrappy DIY stuffed animals and burp cloths

I had some fabric scraps from when I made baby Campbell's bedding (see photos of the finished product here). Can't keep it in the scrap bin--it belongs in his room! So I whipped up some stuffies! Never made any stuffed animals before but basically they are just pillows (probably obviously to everyone else on the planet, but I was really quite surprised by their sewing simplicity). I followed this tutorial for the elephant (isn't that just darling?!) except that I hand-stitched the ear to gather it since my sewing machine doesn't have that function (at least I couldn't find it). And I followed this tutorial for the giraffe. I stuffed the elephant plenty full so he'd stand up more readily, but I left the giraffe soft and mostly flat, so it's more of a tag blanket/lovie. Couldn't be happier with this project and it took me all of 30 minutes to make them both.

But I still had some fabric left over. So I pieced together some minky scraps, sewed it to some cotton scraps, turned it inside out through a 2" hole I had left, and then top-stitched. Super soft burp cloths or runny-nose wipers! And that project also took about 30 minutes. Very scrappy, but one of a kind!

Great DIY baby gift ideas!

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