Tuesday, June 26, 2012

25 Ideas for Upcycling Formula or Coffee Cans

25 Ideas for UpCycling Formula or Coffee Cans
Seems a waste to throw away can after can when I've seen some really cute ideas of things to do with your used coffee or formula cans. Now it's all in one place for your pinning pleasure. The links to the tutorials are OVER the photos (I always forget when I'm exploring pages like this). Happy Pinning!

1) Vase

2) Kitchen Utensil Holders

3) Giveaway flowers in a can 

4) Birdfeeder

5) Place for "lost" socks

6) Keep "ice melt" by your front door

7) Plastic Bag Dispenser

8) Countertop Snack Holder

9) Lampshade

10) Organize Craft Supplies

11) Picnic/ BBQ Caddy 

12) Mount Vertically as Organizers (in this case, a yarn stash)

13) Lanterns (aren't these amazing?!)

14) Sewing Kit Caddy

15) Stilts

16) Drum 

17) Camping Lantern

18) Stuff It/Pull It Out Baby Toy

19) Rope Centerpiece

Then there's HOLIDAY options:

20) Fourth of July Windsock

21) Scarecrow

22) Jack O Lanterns

23) Giveaway Christmas Cookies

24) Easter Basket

25) Love Letter Holder

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  1. LOVE all of these ideas. Next time Matt and I come to your place, let's all walk around Little Italy with coffee cans attached to our feet.

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  3. Sewing kit caddy's link is out of order ... so sad of it !! :(


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