Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Dumpster Finds!

Dumpster Finds!

I recently realized that it is quite special to live in such a densely populated area of the US (Chicago). More than that, to live near the UIC campus means that there is an almost constant influx of people coming and going which means for me lots of dumpster finds! I don't go crazy and drive the alleys (although some days I am tempted), I just keep an eye out for furniture on my morning walks. Today I found TWO fun pieces: a white bi-fold door and a white shabby chic desk. Score! I have no place to put the desk at present so it is in the garage but it would make a great sewing table or future desk for my baby Emma. Some days I love Chicago and this is one of them.

Now all this bi-fold door needs is some photos on there!

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