Monday, March 25, 2013

Update on "Excess"

Quick update on my word of the year "excess" and how I'm cutting down on mine. You can read my initial post about it here.

~I have made another 4 bags of items to donate.
~Emma's three boxes of extra toys in the back stairwell are now down to two boxes.
~I had three baskets of toys for her to choose from in the house, but whittled it down to just two (she hasn't noticed, shows you how much she cared!)
~I have installed an app on my iPhone called KeyRing and have loaded up all my loyalty cards AND gift cards on there so that I have less to carry around in my wallet. The only cards I carry now are my license  insurance and credit card.

Fun, fun, fun! Every time I lug bags of stuff into my house I think "gotta take something out now to make room". Not a bad pattern of thought I think. :)

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