Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Best Thrift Store Find EVER!

Yelloware bowls are special in my family because my grandmother made her bread in them everyday for years. They are perfect for my family's beloved rice pudding recipe because you can bake it in the same bowl you mix it in. My mother gave me one of her smaller ones when I got married but I always am on the lookout for more at antique stores. I recently debated over one that was being sold at an antique mall for $45. Ouch.

Meandered into my local Goodwill here in Chicago and stumbled across this beauty. It was hiding under an ice cube tray in the knick-knack department and I literally gasped and asked aloud "is this for real?" because I was SO excited.

Looks remarkably like this one which is being sold on ebay for $116! Want to know how much I paid for this beauty: $2.25!! That's right; two dollars and twenty-five cents. What's that verse about how every good and perfect gift is from above? ;)

Beyond pumped. This is why thrifting has me hooked--you never know what's around the next corner or hiding under an...ice cube tray!

*insert happy dance
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